United Crestview Area Neighbors (UCAN) was started as a neighborhood civic association in 1998, with the purpose of improving the safety, environment, appearance, and overall well-being of the neighborhood. UCAN holds community meetings, sponsors neighborhood events such as National Night Out and the UCAN Halloween Parade, and distributes a newsletter.

UCAN also supports  other organizations that have a positive impact on our neighborhood, including the Lower Olentangy Urban Arboretum and Friends of Portal Park.


Public meetings are generally held the 4th Tuesday of the month, 7 p.m., at The Crest on the corner of Crestview and Indianola. Get involved and meet some great folks! Please check this site or the UCAN Facebook page for confirmation of the meeting date.


The UCAN area is the most southern part of Clintonville, and includes approximately 1,300 households. UCAN boundaries are:

  • Weber Road (northern boundary)
  • Glen Echo Ravine/Arcadia Avenue (southern boundary)
  • Railroad tracks (eastern boundary)
  • High Street (western boundary)

Our fiscal sponsor

The Clintonville-Beechwold Community Resources Center (CRC) is fiscal sponsor for our organization because the relationship furthers the CRC’s mission to “respond to the needs of our diverse community to foster safer, healthier, and empowered lives.” Thank you, CRC!

4 responses to “About

  1. Rico Jones

    Hello UCAN!

    School is in session once again.

    For the second year now, many Clintonville kids are off to school ON FOOT! Thanks, UCAN, for your role as a community mouthpiece years ago that forwarded the desire of neighborhood residents to renovate the Crestview School to become the new home of the Indianola Alternative K-8.

    This year’s parent conversations are revolving around creating a walkable neighborhood high school to be the natural continuation of the informal program. The premise is simple. MODEL WHAT IS SUCCESSFUL AND TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

    It is too early to declare this an official agenda of the Indianola PTO (or any individual besides myself) but the notion is out there and actively being discussed. I feel it is relevant to bring this topic of discussion to the attention of the larger community. It’s intimidating, to be sure, like standing at the foot of a mountain, but there is plenty of motivation given what’s involved and the payoff.

    On the premise that good schools are part and parcel of good communities, and that CPS administration has shown regard for UCAN input, it seems appropriate to bring this topic to UCAN for discussion and feedback.

    Thanks for reading!

    -Rico Jones

    • swamimami

      Rico, thank you for the information, and please keep us informed about what Indianola is up to. We do want to continue the relationship between the neighborhood and the school.



  3. Zebra Swallowtail

    you should post something about Btk spraying (and link to http://bit.ly/Gypchek4ODA )

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